We are serving domestic market with the following products:

Brake Shoes
Brake shoe is a component of braking system, which holds the brake lining in the brake drum used on automobiles. SYN brake shoes are made using finest high quality raw materials to offer the best in class performance. SYN offers both riveted and bonded brake shoes. The shoe can be also be made in various materials like aluminium or iron depending upon the requirement of the customer. Following raw material compound variants are available for this product.
  1. Non Asbestos

  2. Asbestos
Brake Linings
Brake lining is the consumable surface in braking components like brake shoe and disc brake. SYN offers brake lining in both asbestos and non asbestos material. Asbestos is the conventional material for the brake lining but now the asbestos-free material is the most used compound, containing various components like metal fiber, glass fiber, mineral fiber, wood fiber and other materials. We use the finest imported materials as our raw material in order to guarantee the quality of products. Following raw material compound variants are available for this product.
  1. Non Asbestos

  2. Asbestos
Disc Brake Pad
Disc brake pad is a component of disc braking system. SYN disc brake pads are made using the selected raw materials from selected sources to provide unparallel quality and performance. SYN disc brake pads are available in non asbestos organic, ceramic and Metallic / Semi Metallic compound materials.
Non asbestos organic brake pads are made up of various combinations of softer material having no metallic material. Metallic / Semi-metallic brake pads have small pieces of "metal shavings". Ceramic Composite material is formed using high-strength ceramic fibers and non-ferrous metal filaments bonded at extreme pressure and temperature.
  1. Non Asbestos

  2. Asbestos
Clutch Facing  
Our superior quality clutch facings are manufactured in asbestos and non asbestos materials in molded and woven compositions. Manufactured using superior grade raw material, our clutch facings are well known for their stability, burst strength and anti judder characteristics. They possess excellent elasticity and are non-aggressive to mating surfaces. To provide smooth and stable performance, our clutch facings keep a medium co-efficient of friction. Our clutch facings are available in following types:
  1. Millboard

  2. Powder Moulded

  3. Wire Woven
Roll Lining  
With respect to our technical expertise, we put forward wide array of roll linings which cater to diverse applications. Made from high quality raw material, the range is appreciated for durability and superior performance. These are available in different specifications as per the client requirements. Our range of roll linings includes following types:
  1. Woven Roll Lining

  2. Moulded Flexible Rubber Roll Lining
New Development
Synergy Motors has a facility to manufacture any kind of friction component based on the specifications / samples in various materials like, Non asbestos Organic – Kevlar, Non asbestos organic – low steel, Non asbestos and Asbestos. Going by our mission statement, our strong technical human resource is extremely proficient to formulate and design the compound apart from standard mix to meet the special specifications of the customer.