Ajmer Singh Managing Director

Mr. Ajmer Singh brings a wealth of experience which spans over four decades in various business sectors making him a distinguished name in the business circle. He has been the vital force that led to the inception of TAG.  A guiding force behind Tag, Mr. Singh also has a great acumen for marketing and also oversees the financial operations of the company.

His extensive experience with the reputed brands in the industry, in addition to his wide breadth of knowledge of the Indian marketplace, serves as a great advocacy for Tag, as we seek to gather more momentum in the market. He has always kept himself updated with the latest buzz in the market, and devised strategies to make the most out of those trends. As a leader, Mr. Singh has served as an inspiration for the teams that have learnt the skills of the trade under his guidance.
Inderpreet Singh – Director, Business Development

Mr. Inderpreet Singh has been instrumental in devising resourceful strategies for multiple areas independently. He has leveraged his problem solving skills to effectively address all the issues, as and when they occurred, and lead teams in resolving discrepancies.

A Master in Business Management, Mr. Inderpreet's dynamism has empowered Tag to take giant strides in the market and expand its clientele beyond boundaries. He is highly proficient in managing, implementing, and deploying new business processes and partnerships to increase sales and industry reach. Thoroughly understanding the client requirements and with his in-depth insight of the market, he has efficiently communicated the requirements to the concerned departments which develop the customized solutions accordingly.
Manraj Singh – Director, Supply Chain

A Graduate in Computer Science, Manraj Singh is a highly dynamic worker who follows the practice of providing quality and timely service to the clients. Leading the supply chain wing of TAG, he has leveraged his enterprising skills to optimize the operations and focus on higher service standards for achieving superior customer satisfaction. His focus, apart from ensuring no-delays, is on assuring quality improvement and value added growth of the supply chain division.